The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

5. Hiking And Camping Zero Waste

November 16, 2017



Have you ever heard of the Pacific Crest Trail, spanning all the way from Mexico, through the western United States, all the way to Canada? Dariya and Dominic from Ottawa recently hiked the entire trail: and they've come back on a mission to reduce their waste, live sustainably, and help others do the same.

Dariya and Dominic are avid adventure seekers with degrees in Environmental Science and an unstoppable passion for conscious living. From city day walks to weekend warrior hikes to 6 months trekking the Pacific Crest Trail, they have refined their gear and style to have as little impact on the environment as they venture off into the backcountry. After endless debates, research, compromises, ounce counting and of course failures, they are proud to share with you their knowledge on ultralight and minimalist gear, healthy backcountry cuisine, and overarching Leave No Trace philosophy.

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