The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

30. Food With Kristin Lawless

October 24, 2018

Kristin Lawless_credit Carin Backoff

Kristin Lawless (previously published as Kristin Wartman) is a Certified Nutrition Educator, an author, and an independent journalist focusing on the intersections of food, health, politics, and culture. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The AtlanticNewsweek, VICE, Huffington Post, and Civil Eatsas well as in academic journals such as The Black ScholarCritical Quarterly, and The New Labor Forum

Formerly Known As Food cover

Her new book is called Formerly Known As Food: How The Industrial Food System Is Changing Our Minds, Bodies, and Culture. Throughout human history women have played a strong role in providing food for their families but today people typically rely on giant corporations to feed themselves - and those corporations could be putting profit over our health. Food has changed over the past 100 years and nutritional content has deteriorated due to industrial farming. Thousands of chemicals have been added to our diets from pesticides to packaging. We simply no longer know what we’re eating but there is strong evidence that it's changing our bodies and even our genes. 

Kristin Lawless