The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

6. Removing Clothing From Landfill

November 29, 2017

Kaveri headshot


Meet Kaveri: she recently started a social enterprise called Texiles in the Washington, D.C. area that's aiming to remove clothing from landfill.

Americans send 13 million tons of clothing to landfill each year where material decomposes slowly and releases harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. In fact, the annual environmental impact of a household’s clothing equates to 1,000 bathtubs of water and the carbon from 6,000 miles of driving a car. That's a lot of waste!

95% of this material can be recycled if the right channels are put in place; find out how Kaveri is paving the way for those channels and changing the way Americans purchase and dispose of their clothing one scheduled pick-up at a time.